Live the life of luxury! These tubes have bottoms.

They come equiped with a canvas over the inner tube. Water     does collect on the inside. One size.

Luxury Tube

The classic black inner tube. Some differ in size allowing you to choose your comfort level for your float.

Regular Tube


Pick a tube that is right for you!

These are great if you want to bring a cooler along for your ride! It has a tied-on bottom to keep your cooler afloat. *Please note that it does not come equiped with a cooler*


There is no shuttle fee with a tube rental. Your initial shuttle to the drop off location is included in the price of your tube. There will be a charge for any additional trips.

If you do wish to bring your own, there will be a $15 shuttle fee. Shuttles cannot be guaranteed without a reservation.

Cooler tow

Shuttle Fees


We often have rope available to tie your tubes together if necessary, but to be sure, we recommend you bring your own.