Please note that the run times depend on the water level, and weather change such as wind.  Call ahead for accurate times.

This 3 hour tour gives you an afternoon to remember. This run gives you the most scenery and experience out of the two. On most weekends, you can stop by the BBQ on the beach to fill your appetite. Please note run time depends on water level and weather, and can change daily. Please call ahead to check current time. 

The runs are the same in price, as the time you stay on the river can be independant. 

Gilligan's ride  ~

This run is the shorter of the two, allowing an enjoyable river experience for when the river runs are a bit slower, or for those who are a bit pressed for time. On average, it runs 1 1/2 hours, but can change due to weather. Please call for current run time.

Sterlings Warf ~

Please only stop in designated beach/island areas on the river and respect the property owners along the Nashwaak, that live and play here too!

Both runs are available most times, depending on water level.

Want a weather update? Check here!

1 - 1/2 hrs

3 hrs

Please dispose recyclables and trash into the designated bins along the river. Polluting will not be tolerated.